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Decks or Decking Canberra

Garden Landscaping & Design Services

Canberra Landscaping Professionals. Friendly Advice and No Obligation Quotes

At Dimension Gardenscape we are a highly versatile team of passionate and creative individuals that are completely focused on how to make the outdoors work for you.

We are experts of Decks Canberra, offering many different options for decks. Whether you want an enjoyable space that is the talk of the town, or you want an area for relaxing, we have many different kinds of decking options available for our clients.

Pressure-Treated Wood:

This kind of wood is enhanced through artificial processing. Our team suggests pressure-treated wood because it is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easily available
  • Can be customized in stain or paint

Pressure treated wood is not the only option that we have on offer. For those who are looking for something that might need less regular maintenance, we have other Decks Canberra options to consider.

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Cedar is a sturdy wood that resists decay and has rich natural colour variations. Cedar is fragrant and durable. While it may cost a little more than pressure treated wood, Cedar is lower on maintenance costs.


Redwood, as the name suggests has a red tinge. It is distinctive and attractive in appearance and is resistant to insects and the negative impact of the elements.

Garden Landscaping & Design Services

Canberra Landscaping Professionals. Friendly Advice and No Obligation Quotes

Tropical Hardwoods

Decks Canberra that Dimension Landscape builds are durable and properly treated. Woods such as Ipe and Cumaru are tropical hardwoods that are exotic in look and feel and known for their durability and wood density.

They add a touch of oomph to your deck, and can be made available on request. Call us to find out more about these hardwoods. Although the initial cost is high, the hardwood makes up for it in longevity and durability.


Garden Landscaping & Design Services

Canberra Landscaping Professionals. Friendly Advice and No Obligation Quotes


Composite Decking

Dimension Gardenscape offer composite Decks Canberra options as well. The material is made from wood fibre and recycled plastic, so in a way it is a sustainable option that reduces plastic waste in the environment.

The main advantage of using composite material is that it does not require sealing for protection, is easy to clean and maintain, and is available in a variety of colours.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Decking

This is a synthetic material that is durable and low maintenance. It resists moisture, so it can be an ideal fit for poolside areas as well.

Aluminium Decking

Aluminium is known for its durability, light weight, and corrosion resistance. The material is expensive but it looks unique. However, it can become quite hot in direct sunlight, so it is a better fit for places with moderate temperatures.

Concrete or Stone Pavers

For many, natural materials such as stone are the best preference. Decks that our team makes from stone pavers are generally laid in a pattern on a smooth surface. They are easy to replace and are available in many different colours and styles.

The installation can be intensive, but these pavers make the area look and feel natural. Walking on these decks can be therapeutic as natural pavers feel smooth and cool to the skin.

Concrete pavers are also quite durable and can give a nice seamless finish to your deck. This option allows for creative patterning, making it a favourite among many clients who prefer natural materials in construction.


Modular Decking Tiles

These are the quick, modern answer to decking solutions. Interlocking tiles are also called modular decking tiles. They can be made from wood, composite or PVC and can be installed much more quickly than any other option. the tiles are portable, and suit any small deck space.

Cantilevered Decks

These are modern in their look as they extend beyond a supporting structure and look as if they are magically floating. They offer a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors and can give your home a modern appeal.

At Dimension Gardenscape we offer you all these different decking options as per your preferences and budget. We are known for our reliability and expertise. We are highly skilled at creating outdoor spaces that elevate lifestyles.

Our systemic and professional approach to each Decks Canberra project that we undertake sets us apart. The approach we use has the client at the core, followed by detailed planning, using proper resources, utilizing the right people on the job, and checking for quality at each step of the way.

We are creative, but that does not mean that we leave anything to chance. Each step and process for decking is meticulously documented and followed. To this end, we use technology as an aid. Our team is well-experienced in using project management software, site assessment and design technology, and cost estimation software to deliver the best value to clients.

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